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ELICOS Teacher

Job description

Full-time teachers at the Cairns College of English & Business are paid for 20 hours per week, though the hourly rate reflects the fact that actual working hours (including preparation and marking) are longer. Teachers are expected to develop and deliver lessons on reading, writing, listening, speaking, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary in an accessible and engaging format. Some teachers also conduct after-school activities (e.g. conversation, singing, sports).

Our students come from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds, though are predominantly European, Asian, or South American. Some stay only a week or two, while others stay for a year or more. Our General English classes operate at all levels, from Elementary to Advanced, with additional courses catering for students planning to take IELTS or Cambridge exams. We also run short courses providing English for specific purposes (e.g. our “job-ready” program covers both the language and basic skills required for work in Australia’s hospitality and tourism industries).


Minimum qualifications required

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised tertiary education institution
  • CELTA or equivalent (e.g. Certificate IV in TESOL)


Skills and knowledge

  • A thorough understanding of English grammar (and the metalinguistic terms used to explain grammatical concepts to students)
  • Classroom management skills, including the ability to create and maintain a comfortable learning environment for students from varying cultural backgrounds


Preferred but not essential

  • Experience and/or fluency in a language other than English
  • Overseas teaching experience
  • Experience with common English exams (e.g. IELTS, Cambridge First/Advanced)


Advice for applicants

  • We receive a large number of enquires regarding employment every week; if you’re sending an unsolicited application, expect some delay in response
  • If your application does not include a CV, you are unlikely to be considered; we will not spend time pursuing you for further information when we have complete applications to assess
  • Job applications are expected to be flawless in terms of grammar and spelling; errors in an application suggest that teaching an English class will be too challenging for the applicant

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