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Course Information
This is a fun, hands-on course specifically designed for students who need English skills and hospitality qualifications to work in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. With successful completion of the course, the student will receive a Job Ready Program Certificate, a Coffee and Bar Training Certificate, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate, as well as a report card from the teacher.

4 weeks

Entry level
Pre – Intermediate level to Upper-Intermediate

Career Opportunities
• Wait Staff       • Bar/Cafe Staff
• Hotel Staff      • Tour Desk staff
• Boat crew       • Retail Staff

You will receive
• Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee
• Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety
• RSA – Responsible Service of Alcohol
• Holiday Inn Hotel Hospitality Essentials Workshop Certificate
• Letter of Reference from Trainer
• Job Ready Program Certificate
• Attendance Certificate – Work Experience at Café/Tour desk

Sample Timetable (Subject to change)

Week 1
Hospitality English
Week 2
Hospitality English
Week 3
Hospitality English
Week 4
Practical Training
Location CCEB CCEB CCEB/ Cafe and Tour desk Holiday Inn Hotel
Clothes White shirts, black pants or skirts
9:00am – 10:30pm Telephone SkillsReservations and BookingsBusiness emailsCustomer ProblemsBarista Training Giving Tour AdviceCustomer careDealing with ProblemsKitchen HygieneBarista Training and Work Experience Café Project: AdvertisingCafé Project: PromotionFood Hygiene: Preparing food RSA Practical Skills ObservationRSG Practical Skills ObservationHotel TourWaiting Skills
11:00am- 12:00pm Giving InformationReservations and BookingsWelcoming GuestsHelping GuestsServing Food Giving DirectionsComplaints and ApologiesGiving AdviceHandling PaymentsTour Research Housekeeping WorkCafé Project: Recipe ResearchFood Hygiene: Student Café DayHealth and SafetyFood Preparation and Kitchen Skills RSA Written AssessmentRSG Written AssessmentWaiting SkillsBar Skills – Wine
13:30pm – 14:30pm Cairns HotelsMenu Design ProjectIntroduction to RSAIntroduction to RSGMenu Project Presentation Cairns Tour ProjectRSA ActivitiesRSG ActivitiesTour Project PresentationTour Desk Experience RSA and RSG Projects and Role-playsCafé Set-UpFood Preparation SkillsTour Desk Experience Casino TourLiquor Store TourBar Skills – CocktailsBar Skills – BeerGraduation and Presentation
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