Are you ready for a job?

From last Monday, Job Ready Program started in CCEB. I left my general English course for one month and went to study Job Ready Program.

What is Job Ready Program? Hence the name, it is for you to prepare to look for a job.

After a successful completion of the course, you can get a Job Ready Program certificate, a Barista training certificate, Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate and Food Safety certificates. It is very useful for you if you find a job. If you have different certificates to show at your job interview. It can prove that you have the professional skills and passed many tests. You will therefore have more opportunities to get a job.

The teacher in charge of the course is Tim. He has plentiful experience in the areas such as Barista, Food Safety, restaurant and hotel customer service skills. On day 1 of the course we started learning how to make a coffee. In Australia, the most popular coffees are Cappuccino and Café Latte. So, we focused on how to make these two kinds of coffee in the morning.

It’s not easy when you are making it for the first time. But after more practice, you can handle it easily because Tim will guide you when you have any problem. The most important thing is you can have a free coffee every morning during our coffee lessons

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